Last Saturday I’ve been giving two presentations about C++11&14 I originally wrote for NVIDIA internal tech talk at C++ User Group in Udine meetup, invited by Nicola Gigante (@gignico).

It has been a very nice meetup, with a lot of nice people, and I’m willing to join them again in the future, if possible.

During the first one, I was talking about Generic Lambdas, and how more expressive they were with respect to C++03, and how impossible it was to get the same result without them.

Later that evening, in front of a beer, Nicola Gigante (yes, the very same person who invited me) pointed out that it wasn’t at all difficult, you just need a function object with a templated operator (): it was illuminating, and I don’t know how I haven’t realised it myself before; apparently my mind couldn’t stop revolving around the wrong idea of a templated function object.

So, thank you, Nicola: even if you didn’t know back then, you solved a performance problem I had when backporting some code to C++11. :)

I amended the slides and publish them here, for your pleasure:

Have fun :)

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